Hi, I’m Simon

Leeds-based Professional Photographer Specializing in Hospitality Industry Photography

As a seasoned professional photographer based in Leeds, I bring expertise in capturing the essence of the hospitality industry. My primary focus revolves around interiorevent, and food photography across the Northern region of England.

My Photographic Journey:

  • My passion for photography ignited during my early years when my mother gifted me my first camera for Christmas.
  • After studying Photography and Visual Arts on the picturesque Isle of Wight, I embarked on my dream journey as a professional photographer in bustling London.
  • There, I had the privilege of connecting with some of the industry’s luminaries.

My Approach:

  • Armed with a camera, I find my true happiness.
  • My portfolio boasts collaborations with a diverse clientele, including multi-million-pound property developers, visionary architects, creative interior designers, and vibrant restaurants, bars, and cafes.
  • My photography style is marked by a collaborative and communicative approach, ensuring exceptional results for every assignment.

Beyond the Lens:

  • When not immersed in client projects, I indulge my passion for urban and street photography.

If you believe our creative visions align, let’s connect. Feel free to reach out for a friendly chat!


To create beautiful images to uplift, encourage, and inspire others.


To bring a creative and professional approach to commercial photography.