The Collective Inc. – Leeds

the brief…

“The Collective, is a unique interior design and cafe-bar concept, in the centre of Leeds. The café-bar enables guests to enjoy high-quality furnishings and tableware, which are all for sale, with a drink and light refreshments. It is inspired by the laid-back Los Angeles art scene.”

I was asked by The Collective’s owner to showcase the interior of the cafe-bar and capture the quality and aesthetic of the products on sale.

the approach

I was excited to work on this particular assignment because of the mix of interior and product shots required combined with capturing the ambiance of the project. The interior shots made use of the available lighting whilst the product shots were lit by two softboxes to give a soft but true representation of the colours and textures.

This assignment was shot in RAW format allowing me to bracket exposure, providing the required flexibility in post production using Adobe Lightroom.

More of my images from this shoot can be seen on the clients website and