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Need some shots to showcase your premises or your menu?

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Need some creative shots to illustrate your business, products or services?


Absolutely!  Over the years I have visited hundreds of workspaces from huge corporate HQ’s to small manufacturing units and I love to see businesses in action.

I don’t enjoy herding cats….but seriously there are a lot of very talented wedding photographers out there who I can put you in touch with if you want.

I do!  I think company websites should show shots of the team it adds a valuable personality to business.

I do!  For a number of years I worked in the world of corporate interiors and I still have a great passion for interior design.

I do!  During my time in the world of corporate interiors I worked closely with architects, designers, specifiers & manufacturers.

Yes!  In my earlier career I worked with a very talented landscape designer and to this day have a genuine love of beautiful garden design.

Whilst event photography is not a key strength I am always open to new experiences!

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