interior photography


When you’re tasked with creating the perfect image of a space, it’s crucial to understand what your client is looking for. Though some clients are searching for ways to sell their home or commercial space, others want visuals that will showcase their environments and business–and in these cases I like to take time to research what is required before I begin a shoot.

Location and specifically the premises position in relation to the sun is a key factor for any photographer. Lighting conditions can change without warning, so it’s important to be prepared by taking into account where you’re shooting at (and what time of day).

the shoot

Staging the room or space is hugely important. Checking that only objects that “sell” the space are in shot. Decluttering is essential and often requires a little tact and diplomacy.

Positioning the camera to maximise the space without distorting or exaggerating a rooms dimensions is especially important to me. All too often we see rooms that almost seem to have circular walls or broom cupboards made to look like boardrooms.

Sharing images with the client at the time also works well and ensures that we are on the same page in terms of expectations and requirements.

Editing the shots takes time and should never be rushed, I usually plan a full day to edit a typical shoot.

Finally its important to understand how clients want to receive the final edited shots. personally I prefer to use apps like WeTransfer or Dropbox but memory sticks can also be useful.