Street Photography

my other passion…

Along with my love of interior and architectural photography, I also have a passion for Street Photography.

I love the work of Edward Steichen because his images always encapsulate a certain mood that is so hard to find. I’m also in awe with Bert Hardy’s ability to capture raw emotion and turn it into something beautiful for all time. Both photographers have influenced me tremendously.

The camera is an extension of my personality, a way for me to create something beautiful in this world. Capturing the candid moments of what people do in their daily routine brings immense joy because it’s like being invited into someone else’s world and getting a glimpse into how they live life even if just for those few seconds.

the filtered image

The Filtered Image is based in the UK. Focused on the manipulation of the image, I see photography as a way of expressing joy and fulfilment through my camera. Ninety per cent of my process involves conceptual thinking, artful combination of craft and style, and focus on lighting and creative new ideas.

I have included a few of my favourite street shots on here and if you are interested to see more of my work in this genre please visit my other site at